King Kong 2 English 4

by snout on 20-11-2010, 13:54
Topic: Translations

Source: MSXblue

For the second time within a month, the productive French MSX game translator Django released an update of Konami's movie themed RPG King Kong 2. In this update, the main update was an improvement of the title screen.

Relevant link: King Kong 2 English 4

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By meits

Scribe (6580)

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20-11-2010, 14:23

Is it me or is the link totally going nowhere? And why is it he instead of the Tongue {mod: fixed, thanks}

By lionelritchie

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20-11-2010, 17:15

please, stop improving.
its too common.
lets DEGRADE msx games.

By mesiasmsx

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21-11-2010, 11:12

¿whats is the next translation from MSX Translations? Big smile

By max_iwamoto

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21-11-2010, 19:24

I can't tell what it is... But it's going to be big and multidisk...

By mesiasmsx

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21-11-2010, 21:10

Thanks a lot Max, i feel emotion Running Naked in a Field of Flowers