Zone Terra declared freeware

by Alex on 24-05-2011, 23:10
Topic: Software

Today, Quadrivium declared the MSX turbo-R shoot-em-up Zone Terra freeware. Zone Terra is a vertical shooter with several astronomical MSX2+ images in the background, making it one of the few games to feature such MSX2+ graphics. Furthermore it features stereo FM Music and PCM sound effects.

For a quick peek, the Quadrivium website features several screenshots, and three YouTube videos made by FiXato.

Relevant link: Quadrivium section on MSX Plaza

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By sd_snatcher

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25-05-2011, 01:43

Nice!!! Thanks for this!

Except for the CHGCPU and system-timer, does the game uses any other resource that would make it impossible to run on a turbo MSX2+? The PCM sounds wouldn't play (if not modified it to use a covox), off course.

By ant0niutti

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25-05-2011, 01:43

Thank you.

But loader says "ZONE TERRA demo, loader 1.1" Question

By FiXato

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25-05-2011, 13:58

It's a nice game. Smile
Just a shame it takes such a bloody long time to finish, otherwise I would've re-recorded it again with the missing MSX Music channels. Smile

By Grauw

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25-05-2011, 20:18

Zone Terra, heh, that was long ago Smile.

By Alex

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25-05-2011, 21:10

Regarding the message in the loader: it's misleading. I have now triple-checked the contents of the disk image (the zt.sec file) and it is the full version; in the demo version that file is only 200 kB while on the full version its 400 kB.
The reason for the misleading message in the loader is probably that I forgot to adapt it. I only used it on my own computer (for several years) in order to load it without having to put zone terra on a copyrotected disk. I guess that I got so used to the message that I completely overlooked it, even yesterday when performing a final test before uploading it to the MSX plaza.

I'll fix the loader coming weekend.


By ro

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26-05-2011, 08:46

Thanx Alex for sharing yet another fine piece of software from your hands Smile

By tcruise

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26-05-2011, 14:22

Thanks Alex, from a fellow shooter coder Smile Will enjoy playing this one!

By FiXato

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26-05-2011, 17:17

Alex, are you sure you don't mean 'freeware' instead of 'public domain'?
As far as I know PD means that *anyone* can redistribute it, whereas Freeware only states it is free to be used without a fee, but still can have restrictions such as limitation of the channels through which it will be published (which appears to be the case for Zone Terra).

By Alex

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26-05-2011, 22:26

@fixato: good point. I indeed mean freeware. I did not realize this subtle but important difference between public domain and freeware. I have meanwhile updated the wording on the MSX Plaza.

By snout

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27-05-2011, 00:07

Dito for MRC newspost! Smile

By Alex

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29-05-2011, 12:03

Loader on the disk image is fixed to provide a less confusing message
I have also added a PMA archive for easy installation on an MSX harddrive attached to the real machine.

By Imanok

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30-05-2011, 20:57

Thanks for sharing, Alex Smile

It's a really hard shooter! (^^!)

By sd_snatcher

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23-11-2019, 14:31

The MSX Plaza website seems to be gone. But it can be downloaded at the MSX Games World.

By tfh

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25-05-2020, 19:40

Yesterday I saw this old news item pass by and though: Hmmm, I want to add this game to the homebrewsection of my site, so... I've sent Alex an e-mail asking if he was OK with this. And... he is, so:

The samples are missing (WebMSX still doesn't have MSX-Audio support), but still: Enjoy!