by wolf_ on 14-01-2008, 16:53
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Karoshi member Pitpan has just announced the release of WAVeR48. This is a tool to convert 48KB ROMs to WAV files. By doing so, you can load such files on any MSX with 64KB in the same slot, and it will take 90 seconds to do so. Examples of 48KB ROMs are Majikazo, The Cure and Universe: Unknown.

Relevant link: WAVeR48

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By sinus

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15-01-2008, 12:20

WAVer in indeed a very good tool to make use of Tape connectors and give a new breath to MSX1s. Thanx

By gasparrini

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10-04-2013, 07:53


Where I can find WAVER48 for converter file ROM to WAVE for TAPE MSX ??