VeejingSX 0.99b pre-release

VeejingSX 0.99b pre-release

by snout on 02-04-2012, 13:49
Topic: Software
Tags: VeejingSX

Source: aOrante's blog

aOrante has released a new version of VeejingSX, which was used during the Chiptune Stage V4 event. Changes in this version:

  • Joystick button can now also be used to exit the splash screen
  • Improved background effect pseudo-glitch
  • Improved calculation of random numbers used in the noise effects
  • Control of the repetitions in the generator of random effects.
  • Launch of random effects using a joystick (designed for use in live concerts)
  • RLE compression of the screens.
  • Added new set of gameboy sprites
  • Specific screens and sprites for the session on Clubsprite Chiptune Stage V4

Relevant link: VeejingSX