Vampier videos - XAK 1 walkthrough

by wolf_ on 20-06-2010, 10:48
Topic: Software

Active video provider Vampier has once again done all the hard work for us. Thanks to all his videos we can sit back, relax, and see a game being finished. Without the joy of playing such games yourself, but also without the frustrations of not being able to finish such games. His latest effort is Micro Cabin's Xak 1, The Art of Visual Stage. This version is the Woomb version, translated by Rikusu and technically tweaked by Sonic_aka_T. In short, you can now see and understand the whole story of Xak 1. Such a lovely way to spend your sunday, isn't it?

Relevant link: Xak 1 walkthrough

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By Sander

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21-06-2010, 20:32

Two things: I try to avoid his videos. I still have the idea somewhere to finish those games myself one day ;-) Except for 'de grotten van Oberon', that game is insane. Second: you definitely need a job ;-)

By Vampier

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22-06-2010, 01:46

I just want to make clear these videos are for walk-through purposes only. I try to take the shortest routes and trigger events that make it possible to progress. It's a great game... buy it when it becomes available again in the future (I hope)