Vampier does Compile Longplays

by FiXato on 07-07-2012, 13:37
Topic: Software

openMSX and games enthusiast Vampier certainly likes to play MSX games. His YouTube channel contains well over 700 videos, most of which are recordings of MSX software. This might very well make him the record holder of having recorded the most MSX games and it looks like he intends to keep that title as he continues to make tool-assisted longplays of various games made for our beloved homecomputer system! After shooting his way through M-Kai's shmups Kyokugen and Pleasure Hearts, he now has tackled various Compile shoot 'em ups.

His recent longplays include well-known shooters such as Aleste, Aleste 2, Zanac and Zanac Ex, but also Aleste Gaiden Bio Garden Challenge and Final Justice, the predecessor to Guardic.
Which games will be next? We can only wonder…

Relevant link: Vampier's Compile Shooters playlist

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By syn

Prophet (2064)

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21-07-2012, 01:24

I watched your Aleste 2 playthrough, good stuff. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to create/upload this and the others Wink

By Vampier

Prophet (2385)

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07-07-2013, 08:28

wow... has it already been a year? Big smile