Umax to finish Realms of Adventure? Help wanted!

by snout on 27-06-2004, 19:44
Topic: Software

In the late nineties the first part of Umax's massive RPG Realms of Adventure was released. Right from the start it was the intention to release new parts of the RPG periodically, but unfortunately the second part of Realms of Adventure was never finished. However, Peter Meulendijks recently visited our forums and together with Sunrise he is now trying to bring the Realms of Adventure project back to life. To achieve this Umax needs your help. Only with the combined efforts of many MSX users a second part of this huge RPG project can be developed and released. Sunrise and Umax have created 9 points on which they need help for the second part of Realms of Adventure:

  • 1. The main storyline that will run throughout the various parts must be defined. The basic outlines have been done, but it is far from finished
  • 2. The plot of the Main Quest of part 2 needs to be defined. The beginning and basic outlines are already done, but not yet finished. If the project is succesful, more parts will be created that need plots
  • 3. Areas have to be designed. (drawn on paper, with explanations of stuff that happens etc). This is a very important aspect, and is really fun to do. Describe what the area looks like (the more detail the better). Describe stuff that happens in the area. Describe quests linked to that area, etc.
  • 4. Area graphics have to be drawn. The area designs from point 3 will be the basis of the graphics
  • 5. Designed areas have to be edited in the area editor
  • 6. Quests (small and large) have to be designed (on paper or text editor, fully written quests explaning what happens when where and how. The area designs might be of help here). Quest designs should also include (if possible) all the possible responses the player can give and what should happen with each response. We need lots and lots of these (especially small ones) to make the game interesting
  • 7. Fully written out quests must be programmed. (in ASM code, but very easy to do). The responses must be programmed, the reaction of the players, etc
  • 8. Enemies have to be designed. This can be done by drawing them as MSX gfx (including animation), providing detailed written information (what it must look like, what its attacks are etc.) or by providing sketches on paper
  • 9. Any general idea or input is always welcome. Maybe you have a great idea for an item, weapon or enchantment? A character or basic quest idea? let us know!

If you think you can help out on one or more of these points you can send an e-mail to Sunrise stating the points on which you would like to help (e.g. 3, 5, 7). The amount of reactions to this call for help will decide if the second part of Realms of Adventure will actually be developed and finished. If enough people sign up and offer their help, Sunrise will contact them seperately with information on the parts they will be working on. This way the final result will be exciting to all the people who helped developing the game, as they have never seen the 'complete picture' until it's finished. Sunrise will co-ordinate this huge project while Umax will tie all entries together. If all goes well perhaps even more parts will be released in the future. By the end of September Sunrise will decide whether or not enough people have offered their help and give a Go (or no-go) to the project. So, what are you waiting for? This could be your chance to help out on one of the biggest RPG games ever created for MSX!

Relevant link: E-mail to Sunrise

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By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10157)

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27-06-2004, 19:53

hm.. will it also be the first 640kb Moonsound game ? Smile

not as in: "does it support 640k?" (it does!), but as in: "is this the first game using 640k?"

By ro

Scribe (5129)

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27-06-2004, 20:02

or... will this be the first CD-rom/Flash-Card game (when using 640k) ?

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10157)

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27-06-2004, 20:07

I vote for CF! (or harddisk/cd)

considering the size of the media involved, you don't want old snaildisks..

By Bart

Paragon (1422)

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27-06-2004, 20:09

Hmz.. great to see that the developer still feels like finishing the game but.. eh, if I read about what has to be done, just one counter-question comes to my mind: "what has been done?"

By sunrise

Paragon (1091)

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27-06-2004, 20:25

You know wolf, that are the details, But that is first an internal question between developers as well as that other issue of the needed ram .
For me no problem as you know, but I wan to avoid promises, and there is no definitive answer,so let's first see who wants. So, therefore a deadline ,after that the definitive decision and fill in the (new) demands

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10157)

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27-06-2004, 20:30

Indeed ... however, ppl might be more interested in cooperating if certain things are clear. If it's a fact that the game requires slightly more hardware (and thus will be of a way better quality!) then it might attract ppl.

By Grauw

Ascended (10862)

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27-06-2004, 20:55

anumation? animation!

By BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

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27-06-2004, 21:00

The MSX Revival does really nice things to people... Maybe X-Tazy can ben revived as well this way? I'd really vote a big YES to see that one finished.