Oniric Factor's Spring Warrior remake

Oniric Factor's Spring Warrior remake

by ro on 11-01-2023, 08:07
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It has been 10 years since Spanish game studio Oniric Factor released their first MSX game. With that in mind, they will re-release a few of their earlier games as enhanced version to celebrate. Their game Spring Warrior is first in line and is expected to get released early 2023.

Happy birthday wishes are in order when it's your birthday... so, Happy Birthday Oniric Factor with your 10th year of MSX existence. Time to light up the candles, free them balloons, and eat cake. In those 10 years the company released a handful of quality MSX titles. With an distinctive appearance, their graphics and game play, accompanied with swinging tunes, stand out. The Oniric Factor games where mostly delivered as a physical cartridge. Ready to play for anyone.

Looking at the Oniric Factor portfolio, we can see games for retro-machines NES and MSX. Both 8-bit machines could be brothers, so a logical choice. However, their focus is mostly at the MSX portion of digital entertainment. Both MSX1 and MSX2 are supported in their arsenal. From there first game Ninja Love (2013) to Souls Keeper (2021), we see a steady quality that increases with every release. Their 2016 MSX2 title Spring Warrior gets a re-issue, just to celebrate their birthday.

The new Spring Warrior incorporates FM music instead of PSG, uplifted graphics, more levels, and improvements in control and gameplay. Furthermore, the structure of each screen is now generated pseudo-randomly to increase re-playability. In the game you embody a nature spirit, in charge of bringing back the spring.

The revamped version is planned to get released in early 2023 as a physical ROM cartridge, a digital download is planned for later that year. Expect a price for the physical version, which includes a CD with additional content, of between 30-35 euros - ex shipping costs. You can pre-purchase it at the Oniric Factor web-site.

Relevant link: Oniric Factor - official web site

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By Bengalack

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11-01-2023, 10:51

Just love the palette on that screen!

By shalafi

Master (207)

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12-01-2023, 00:22

I just realized that I haven't played a few of their games, it's time to fix that

By BlueCrystal

Expert (121)

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14-01-2023, 02:55

Bengalack wrote:

Just love the palette on that screen!

The color harmony of that image is excellent. The design of the tree stem itself is already outstanding once one starts looking at it in detail. The shape of the tree leaves indirectly comes back in the outline of the background forest. Good stuff.

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