Slime Slayer

Slime Slayer

by Jorito on 22-02-2012, 22:26
Topic: Software

From MRC crewmember fukenko, comes a new -or rather old- game for the MSX: Slime Slayer. Slime Slayer is a JRPG made in BASIC for MSX1 and higher with 32kB RAM and 16kB VRAM, and is distributed in cassette format. In the game you are an explorer searching for your lost luggage and end up in the town of Rattatta, which is haunted by monsters. You have to visit various buildings and places, fight off the monsters, buy supplies and relax yourself by playing roulette. The game is heavily inspired by the classic MSX games of the late eighties like Hydlide and other T&E soft games.

Back in the late 1980s, fukenko's brother Hisanobu created Slime Slayer to contribute it to the program listing corner of POPCOM magazine. Unfortunately by the time the game was finished, POPCOM had stopped with the program listings and that left the game unreleased. Fukenko, who recently joined MRC to take care of the Japanese version of our site, found back the game and decided that after more than 20 years it was high time for a release!

Slime Slayer has been declared freeware and has been added to our downloads database. The download includes an English and Japanese version of the game, the source code and an extensive readme that explains it all.

Relevant link: Slime Slayer

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By Huey

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22-02-2012, 23:14


The 'eMglish' is on purpose? As in Engrish?

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1771)

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22-02-2012, 23:30

Oops, typo fixed Smile 

By Randam

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23-03-2012, 20:07

Really nice release. Hopefully I can get it to work on a Turbo R as well.