SD Yab Yum

SD Yab Yum

by ro on 19-11-2023, 21:16
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After its initial release on the FutureDisk, the game SD Yab Yum gets transferred to a physical SCC ROM cartridge. The game will first be available at the MSXgoto40 event. The publication is in the hands of French retro computer company Côté Gamers.

If you'd ask any MSX geek about the best games for the platform, you can be damn sure that SD-Snatcher will be mentioned. As one of their last games, and considered a goodbye gift by the scene, Konami delivered a solid MSX2 game with awesome SCC ditties. On the other hand, if you'd ask that same z80 fanatic about the most absurd game, chances are you'd get Yab Yum as an answer. This Dutch eighties iconic game was named after the Amsterdam sex Club Yab Yum. The game is, indeed, about naked activities.

Have both of these two games combined, and you'll end up with a hilarious game with excellent graphics, sound and gameplay. And that is exactly what the FutureDisk crew has done; mixing them up to a new cocktale called Super Deformed Yab Yam, or SD Yab Yum for short. So, to the question "but, will it blend?", the answer is clear: yes, it will!

SD Yab Yum - Final Load (as it is dubbed), circles around the good old hanky-panky thing. Or, like Fred said, "it's all about the nookie". That's right, plain coitus, fornication, copulation, intercourse, bonking or any other term for the oldest sport in the world. Score while scoring a chick or shooting your load by shining the helmet. If you've played the original Yab Yum, you'll recognize the format. The game is presented in Super Deformed mode using MSX2 screens with SCC+PSG sound. Last year, SD Yab Yum was published digitally on FD46, and now it's time to get physical (no pun).

The game will be released as an original MSX ROM cartridge with onboard SCC. In fact, the cartridge is based on the recently released Yamanooto design. You can even use the cartridge as a normal SCC for other purposes if you do wish.

This extended “Final Load” edition contains new, special levels, new rooms, new graphics and music, and you get the option to play in your desired language (English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch or Portuguese). The game SD Yab Yum runs on MSX2 with minimum 128kB RAM and 128kB VRAM.

The set is now available as pre-order, and costs €35. You'll get a full color boxed cartridge for that. It premieres at MSXGOTO40, December 9th, at the FD booth. People who pick up the game at goto40 will receive a bonus present. After that, it is available at Côté Gamers to be sent world wide.

Relevant link: SD Yab Yum - Final Load pre-order

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Comments (10)

By spanjed

Expert (114)

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19-11-2023, 21:39

Sitting behind my desk as a 47 year old MSX user reading an absurd combination of my beloved SD-Snatcher and Yab Yum, thinking......

I want it! LOL!

By LaDolceDols

Expert (106)

LaDolceDols's picture

19-11-2023, 22:00

I am glad you admit. Everybody actually does not want, they NEED it Tongue

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5696)

JohnHassink's picture

20-11-2023, 08:43

Something from the heart.

After hesitating for way over 1,5 years, last night I finally checked out FD 46 (which was cool, actually), and particularly this game. I had deliberately avoided looking at this for all this time.
Why? Well, you see, it was hard. It hurt.
Once upon a time, I initiated this project. Ofcourse, inspired by the mysterious original.
For those who'd care to see my attempt to code the thing (partially with Robert's graphics), you can see that over here.

When the FutureDisk team picked up on it, to realize the project with a crew that could actually code decently, I was delighted.
But then, disaster struck.
Because of an emulation bug, I lost all of my music data. All I have left, is a video of a beta-version of the music. I literally don't have the files anymore.
Long story short, losing such a huge amount of work was so frustrating, that I had to step out of the development project. Comparable to what you may call a "rage-quit". ;-)
As development went on without me involved, I was heart broken, and could not bear to see what they'd done to my "child", for a long time.

Now I have seen, and played it, I am amazed.
The storyline by Koen is better and funnier than the one that I devised.
The graphics turned out even prettier than I expected, even from a great designer such as Robert.
The music by Jorrith, a known veteran, is amazing and so fitting, even by his already high standards.
The gameplay is not as puzzle-like as I envisioned, but fun, smooth, and engaging.
To summarize - I absolutely love it. Played through the entire thing, I was having a good time all the way, and was genuinely moved to be actually credited in the staff roll (of which I had no idea).

So, yeah, I just had to say this explicitly, and in public. Thank you guys for making this. You are awesome. ♥

By Briqunullus

Paladin (863)

Briqunullus's picture

20-11-2023, 11:00

An unspecified 'bonus present' with an 18+ game. Am I the only one who is worried?

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10158)

wolf_'s picture

20-11-2023, 11:24

I actually wonder whether the blocky rect in that image is just random pixels or really based a true Willy. Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By LaDolceDols

Expert (106)

LaDolceDols's picture

20-11-2023, 12:05

Thanks a lot John. That is really awesome to read, happy you feel this way. xxx

By gdx

Enlighted (6644)

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20-11-2023, 12:59

For the Japanese, SD (Super Deformed) means something like parody (deformed to make a laugh). SD Snatcher is a parody of Snatcher.

By ro

Scribe (5130)

ro's picture

20-11-2023, 21:49

Thanx for sharing John. Takes a brave man to turn a grudge to love Smile

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1816)

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20-11-2023, 18:23

Glad you enjoyed it, John! And thanks for starting this crazy idea!

By Mumbly

Master (131)

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20-11-2023, 19:35

Congrats to the makers Smile