SCMD 1.10.3

by snout on 02-09-2007, 23:11
Topic: Software
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A new version of SCMD, the multichannel PCM and multichip soundplayer for MSX has been released. In this release, a bug in that caused graphical replayer to crash was fixed.

The SCMD player allows you to play multiple samples on one or even two SCC cartridges at the same time, which is similar to playing MOD-files. SCMD also supports 'ordinary' sound playback on PSG, MSX-MUSIC and SCC. Several mp3 files of the results can be heard on this website. A special MML compiler to support this functionality is available on the SCMD website as well. More SCMD music can be found over here.

Relevant link: SCMD website

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By shaiwa

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06-09-2007, 12:31

Still think this project can get bigger if it wasn't only a Japanes thing.
English would be a big help. My Japanese is Question