by hamlet on 24-11-2019, 20:11
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Why does TMS9918 have a magnified sprite?
Also the multi-color mode?
The ancient game developers in those days made few use of these functions mainly due to sales reason.
Ordinary people generally loves high-resolution or high-detail even if the game loses playability. Now Nobuaki Washio is quite free from such ridiculous restrictions. So the answer for the first two questions is, they had existed for his games and have waited for his games.
Nobuaki Washio is a Japanese coder who published a nice shooter game earlier this year. Now he has shown a glimpse of what could be a nice fighting game.
The footage shows parallax scrolling, and because that the graphics is in the low-res mode it all looks simply good!

Relevant link: Video footage on YouTube

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By JohnHassink

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26-11-2019, 19:09

I am a big fan of mister Washio's work and really look forward to how this will turn out.

By Uninteresting

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26-11-2019, 20:22

There have been some "modern" games taking the "extra chunky pixel" look (like The "Quiet, Please" Collection), so this might not feel as much of a throwback as it would've in the 1990s, I think.

Plus with how well-animated Lemmings were with their teeny-tiny sprites on Amiga etc., I think there's a fair bit that can be accomplished here.

I'm definitely looking forward to what Mr Washio can do with this approach.

By hamlet

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30-11-2019, 23:37

By Vampier

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06-03-2020, 07:33