Quattro revisited

by snout on 07-01-2007, 18:39
Topic: Software

After a discussion on our active MSX Forum, John van Poelgeest (Poltergeist) promised to send us the original, non-trained version of his break-out game Quattro as soon as he had found his original disks. As of now, the non-altered version of the game is available for download in our freeware MSX downloads corner in both a DSK and files version.

Relevant link: Quattro

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By ro

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08-01-2007, 11:23

hmm, I got an "bad file mode at 321" error (whooooot, BASIC?!?!)
right after the picture erasing block part.. . .

By snout

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08-01-2007, 11:52

That's because emulators somehow have a hard time emulating Quattro.

By Manuel

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08-01-2007, 11:56

If you run the emulator without a Music Module, it suddenly works... :S

By Poltergeist

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08-01-2007, 12:37

Yes Ro, it's basic. KUN basic, to be precise...

By Samor

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13-01-2007, 11:36

are the emulator authors aware of this not working correctly?

By Samor

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13-01-2007, 13:50

I tried, and indeed, works just fine on PSG only =P (blueMSX)

I then tried just adding a music module in the machine configuration.. same result.

then I tried just loading a music module as a normal rom.. also same result ;p

oh, by the way, bluemsx picks up the music module with a "normal 4000h" mapper, but then it's not detected by quattro at all (shouldn't the chosen mapper be MSX Audio anyways?)

Also, there's no Music Module rom in bluemsx' shared roms directory (or I just didn't find it?) - how exactly does it emulate it anyways?

oh wait, I found that info already - it just emulates the chip.
Still, even if you add only that it still doesn't work.

could it be a difference between the emulated MSX Audio chip and a Philips Music module or something? Well, that's just guessing....

By Manuel

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14-01-2007, 14:57

The ROM is not interesting. Hardly any software uses the ROM to detect the MSX-Audio. Also, the one in the Music Module doesn't use a mapper, it's just a plain 32kB ROM. The MSX-AUDIO mapper you tried to specify in blueMSX is the one of the Panasonic FS-CA1.

And yes, this problem is in the openMSX bug tracker.