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by snout on 28-01-2005, 11:51
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After the release of several different PT3 players for MSX-DOS yesterday, Vincent van Dam and Dam and Alfonso D.C. decided to release PT3 Tools, a complete package for playing PT3 files in Assembly, MSX-DOS and MSX-BASIC. The package comes with a bit of documentation and a small PT3 file as an example.

Relevant link: PT3 Tools

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28-01-2005, 17:30

Ok, I think here we have a winner of non existing PT3 player competition. :9

(In next version I think, you should remove the "by " from start of second line.)


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28-01-2005, 18:14

Hmm... I'm a bit bad @ explaining, I mean like this:

PT3PLAY.COM: [offset], [data]

By Vincent van Dam

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28-01-2005, 20:17

I understood Smile
It was actually included intentionly, this way it's clear that the second line is indeed the author, guess it's a matter of taste.


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29-01-2005, 23:42

Hmm... how about adjusting then the first line 3 characters right. At least then song name and author lines would be at same vertical location and equally long...

By snout

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02-02-2005, 00:45

BTW, on this website you can not only find some extra information, but also a tool called PT3 time, which can be used to calculate the duration of a PT3 song.

Do I feel a graphical PT3 player (FAC Powertower style) coming up? ^_^

By dioniso

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04-02-2005, 09:24

That web site address is included in the PT3.ASM file I ported. Sergey is the author of Vortex Tracker II and an excellent Z80 coder. He coded the PT3TIME routine especially for Macros and me Wink My routine for displaying the time length was very slow, his routine is VERY fast and it's been already implemented in our PT3 player. We will realease it pretty soon.