No more Bandwagon MSX demos

by Latok on 13-08-2002, 17:37
Topic: Software

Over the last years, this demogroup has given us great MSX demos with graphical effects we've never seen before on the MSX platform.On their official homepage, there is the news they won't continue with MSX. For them, it's time to 'move on'. They are bored of making the same effects over and over again and what's more important: they feel like they haven't had enough feedback from the MSX community itself.I myself must admit I never took the time to send them an e-mail, but I do enjoy what they have done for our system.So, I guess this newsposting is also some kind of a call for feedback! We enjoy the MSX and we enjoy the software that's being created for it. Let's try and give the software developers some credit for their work.

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By snout

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13-08-2002, 20:24

Damn, this is some bad news. Those bandwagon demo's were really stunning.

Lets hope they will feel nostalgic one day...

By BiFi

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13-08-2002, 20:36

Yeah, the things they made and that I've seen are indeed very impressive, especially for MSX 1.

I think we should 'flood' them with feedback. Maybe they will keep on doing these stunning stuff on MSX after all.

By Yukio

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22-10-2007, 20:26

This is sad.

If I knew about the "feedback" thing,Maybe some (motivating?) e-mail ...

Anyway, those demos were into the "few" software that I got from the Internet. Some of the early stuff that I got !

By wolf_

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22-10-2007, 21:13

Yukio: what's up with your Flux Capacitor? Tongue

By Yukio

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22-10-2007, 21:16

What's wrong with the Resource Center Foundation e-mail @!?

Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By wolf_

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22-10-2007, 21:27

nothing afaik..