Night Knight available for pre-order

Night Knight available for pre-order

by Pac on 17-04-2019, 16:22
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Night Knight, an MSX1 game developed by Juan J. Martínez from, is being released next month. Pre-orders for the game ROM has started.

About a month ago, MRC user reidrac announced his new game in our forums. Juan, the author, is not new at developing retro games. However it seems this is his first attempt on the MSX system. Juan has released games for C64, Amstrad PC and ZX Spectrum before.

Night Knight is a single-screen platformer with a strong classic arcade feel. Race against the clock to step over all the tiles in the room, pick up the key and exit through the door to the next stage. The game has 80 stages, can be played with the keyboard cursor or a joystick. And is NTSC and PAL compatible.

The game is available on cartridge to play on a MSX computer. The package specifications are as follows:

  • Cartridge.
  • NTSC and PAL compatible.
  • MicroSD card including cartridge image, MP3 soundtrack and more.
  • Cardboard box.
  • 8-page DIN A5 manual (English).
  • Some stickers.
  • Poster (DIN A3).
  • Shrink-wrapped.

Those interested can pre-order the game now at site for 35€. Its official release will be on May 15th 2019.

Relevant link: Night Knight at site
Relevant link: Night Knight at Twitter
Relevant link: video of an alpha version

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  • Night Knight available for pre-order
  • Night Knight available for pre-order
  • Night Knight available for pre-order

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By valkyre

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17-04-2019, 19:23


By Wierzbowsky

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03-05-2019, 21:04

Btw, this game is getting out on the cartridge platform that was licensed by RBSC to I had a chance to play the game and I can say that it's a nice one.

By Pencioner

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03-05-2019, 22:25

I have preordered it before this newspost was added, there was a forum thread with link to polyplay, and as i'm a big fan of the first King's Valley (i like the gameplay much more than of later KV2), i just had a feeling that i would like this game very much Smile so i preordered right then