Mystical Caves

by Yukio on 13-06-2009, 13:47
Topic: Software

Cesco got inspired by the ZX Spectrum Crap Games Competition and developed an MSX Game based upon a Spectrum title. The result is called Mystical Caves. The Crap Games competition is also being discussed on our MSX Forum in this thread. Perhaps the time is ripe for an official MSX Crap Games Competition?

Relevant link: Mystical Caves

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By enribar

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13-06-2009, 15:51

Uela! Mi son riussio a finir el zogo parche capisso a lengua!
Vojo proprio vedar chi che riesse a finirlo tuto! ;-)

By cesco

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13-06-2009, 18:29

Unfortunately it's still not crap enough to be a real crap game Smile

enrico: bravo bravo ti si che ti xe bon de zogar ! Big smile (this is not italian, it's a slang used in the Veneto district)

By karloch

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14-06-2009, 12:26

LoL, I agree, not crap enough Smile

By JohnHassink

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14-06-2009, 22:41

Yes, it gave me some good laughs so I didn't even really regret having downloaded it. Wink