MSXdev'10 - #5 Hans' Adventure 1.1

by wolf_ on 01-01-2011, 23:33
Topic: Software

The Pets Mode have released an update of their MSXdev'10 entry Hans' Adventure. Adjustments have been made towards the map and the English texts in various parts of the game and manual.

Meanwhile, the main prize has grown to €266 and a Nowind cartridge. The submission deadline for MSXdev'10 is at the end of this month. So far, five games have been finished while two games have been announced, and at least one big yet unannounced game is still being worked on. Plenty competition for this main prize, and who knows what other games might show up!

Relevant link: MSXdev

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By Imanok

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06-01-2011, 21:08

Well done! Wink