MSXdev '08 - #3 Formula Dice

by viejo_archivero on 26-01-2009, 22:42
Topic: Software

With only five days to go, a new finished entry pops up out of the blue. Italian MSX fan Luca Giglioli (robylu) has submitted his entry for this yearly contest: Formula Dice. Labeled by the MSXdev website as a Managerial game, this game is all about car racing and -indeed- all the management issues surrounding such an event. Interestingly, the game has been made in MSX-BASIC. In fact, the BASIC source is available for download as well! The game itself is a 16KB ROM, and comes with an English manual.

As mentioned: in five days this yearly competition will be closed. This game marks only the third entry so far, and a modest number of other entries has been informally announced here and there. One of them was even demonstrated at the Nijmegen fair, last weekend. As such, the total amount of entries may have climbed up once the deadline has passed. Perhaps later after the deadline there is a time and place for discussions regarding the amount of participation in challenges in general. Perhaps we're lucky, and lots of games are being polished right now, resulting in a flood of entries on the deadline day. In five days we'll know!

Relevant link: MSXdev website

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By Vampier

Prophet (2415)

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27-01-2009, 00:31

It's a fun game... i already finished it (without cheating) and as a result it gave me the source code Smile

By Huey

Prophet (2696)

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27-01-2009, 08:43

Great! Going to play it asap.


Enlighted (6091)

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30-01-2009, 03:05

Really nice game!

I played it trough on all dificulty levels without cheating (exept running emulator on 400% speed) Tongue Just play carefully and don't try to sell motor points and you will not end up to infinite loop.

@robylu The playability is good, keep learning BASIC! Next chapter: Multi dimensional arrays Wink

By MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

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02-02-2009, 11:43

I tested it yesterday, and must say I liked it!! Smile

It was a VERY nice touch to have music playing endlessly! Smile Not many machine code games can do the same! Not even today!! Smile Tongue

I liked your musical arrangement a lot! Smile

And game too was nice! Smile

Thought my son managed to press some key which resetted bluemsx when I was played for a while.... Tongue So I don´t know how the game ends... Smile