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by snout on 30-12-2003, 21:54
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Arno Dekker, who was working as a GFX artist for Flying Bytes in the early 90's, sent us some more files for our downloads database. We were already hosting some of his GFX creations for the never released game Final Future in our Graphics section. However, Arno Dekker coded several things in Turbo Pascal as well. Here are three products he created back then

  • Dogfight - A very entertaining game for two players. Get airborne and shoot your enemy before he shoots you. Beware that you don't crash though!
  • Hit 'em - A nice interpretation of the all-time classic game PONG. Play against a friend or your computer
  • JoyTest - Test the joystick in either Port 1 or 2

Both games Dogfight and Hit 'em were created in Turbo Pascal using the GIOS extension. Source codes are included. Happy downloading!

Relevant link: MSX Downloads

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By Latok

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30-12-2003, 23:37

This is great. And also nice to know Arno apparently is following MRC. Thanks!