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by snout on 17-01-2007, 01:36
Topic: Software

Source: HispaMSX mailinglist

In a (new) course that teaches how to create games for MSX, MarMSX has released an MSX version of Minesweeper, the well known computer game that has, amongst others, been included with many versions of Microsoft Windows. The game, developed in Turbo Pascal with MSXpad comes complete with well-documented source code .

Relevant link: MarMSX

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By Huey

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18-01-2007, 17:13

Good initiative! LOL!

By pitpan

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19-01-2007, 09:14

Just in case, if you want to compare it to the assembler equivalent, I remind you that there is an open-source commented version of MINESWEEPER included in the later asMSX distributions:

Of course, it is just a tiny MSX1, 8 KB ROM, but it has all the original game features, except for mouse support :( [yet]

By Prodatron

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19-01-2007, 16:08

Oh, and the assembler sources of MineSweeper for SymbOS MSX ( ) are available, too:
But unfortunately nearly only german comments.


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23-01-2007, 02:38

Kein Problem Tongue
Thanks all for help. But one thing I noticed: some bugs happens randomly. Some bugs noticed, commonly appeared on super version (99 bombs):
1- Hangs MSX when game start (dead lock);
2- Bombs counter starts with -1 instead of 99;
3- Numbers that surround a bomb changed (wrong value);
4- Values different from bomb opened as bomb;
5- Game starts with no map.
All that seems Pascal compilation error or DOS malfunction, once these bugs are not systematic.