The MoonBlaster 1.4 driver for MSX-BASIC by BiFi was updated with the following changes:

  • added detection for memory mapper availability and size in DOS1
  • added detection for other than real MSX-AUDIO
  • improved stability when switching between Z80 and R800 on MSXturboR

BiFi's version of the official MoonBlaster 1.4 player source code is now much more beginner-friendly, due to the following changes:

  • merged MBPLAY.SRC and MBPLAY2.SRC
  • translated the comments to English
  • added conditional assembly flags
  • added detection for other than real MSX-AUDIO

Relevant link: MSX Banzai!

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By ro

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15-08-2019, 08:34


By alexito

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15-08-2019, 12:50

Thanks for the update very appreciate it.

By meits

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15-08-2019, 15:38

Yet another one. My joy can not be measured. I hope people will use it. I surely will.

By zett

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18-08-2019, 13:43

JEEJ! go BiFi!