Konamito BASIC contest: oodles of Yermani Soft entries

by wolf_ on 24-06-2008, 14:19
Topic: Software

Just when you think the Konamito.com BASIC contest has no shortage of entries already, Yermani Soft (Germán Gómez Herrera) submits a large bag of entries all of a sudden. No less than twelve games for you to check out: Bank, Brik, Drive, House, Invaders, Lander, Pickup, Puzzle, Robots, Space Way, Star Battle and finally Tetris.

This contest ends on June 27th, the day of the 25th anniversary of the MSX standard. If you feel you can still bring on an MSX-BASIC game for this contest (max 10 lines of BASIC!), don't hesitate to join this contest!

Relevant link: Konamito

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By gdx

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24-01-2020, 11:06

I converted Brik to ROM without using DSK2ROM. The size is therefore 4K instead of 360K. I also made sure that the font remains still international. Here is a link, maybe it will interest someone.