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by viejo_archivero on 07-09-2005, 18:47
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When Jordi Sala aka MSXNAKE joined the MSXdev'05 with a platform/logic game called Jack Exploring II, he explained that the previous game existed, and that it was published as a MSX-BASIC listing on MSX-Club spanish magazine. Takin' these data as reference, El Viejo Archivero from Karoshi Corporation obtained the magazine (November 1987, nº35) and retyped the whole code. Now the game has been republished at Karoshi Forums with author's permission. Now everyone can play the prequel that will continue on the upcoming Jack Exploring II, now with new graphics and coded in full assembler. Enjoy!

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By viejo_archivero

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07-09-2005, 19:06

Hey, that was fast! Wink, nice BASIC game, it worth a try