by snout on 24-08-2011, 11:28
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Ricardo Oazem has modified the IDE FDISK utility to let it work in the MSX 40-column screen mode. Grab it if you have a MSX 1 with IDE interface and are tired of typing in the blind. The utility can be downloaded from the download section of the MSX Pró website.

Relevant link: MSX Pró

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By Meits

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29-08-2011, 18:43

Why do I read Idefix O_o

By konamiman

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31-08-2011, 09:20

Too much Asterix comics... Smile

By Poltergeist

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24-08-2015, 15:06

Fdisk is short for FixedDisk, is it not? So, your Idefix is not that far fetched...

And you can never have to much asterix comics... Although I don't like the last ones...

(whoops, kicking a 4 year old topic on something totally unrelated... Running Naked in a Field of Flowers )

By tvalenca

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24-08-2015, 18:30

Yes, @Poltergeist, FDISK short for "Fixed Disk Setup Program", but i'm afraid "Fixed" means that you can't easily replace as you do with floppy disks. See for some info.