HDDEMU removed from downloads section

by snout on 23-02-2006, 16:04
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On request of Kuniji Ikeda, the current owner of the copyrights to HDDEMU, we have removed the floppy disk emulation tool HDDEMU from our downloads section. Although the tool has appeared on several other freeware distribution platforms, HDDEMU has never been declared freeware. Instead, when the original developer dropped MSX, the copyrights were transferred to Kuniji Ikeda, who sells the tool in Japan together with the Sunrise ATA-IDE and CompactFlash interfaces.

If you have some genuine freeware you'd like to share with the MSX community, please send it in to downloads@msx.org and we will add it to our usually ever growing collection of freeware MSX downloads.

Relevant link: MRC Downloads section

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By gdx

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23-02-2019, 10:10

Weird, are you sure this is not a bad joke?
In the past, it was freely available on several networks in Japan. In the documentation, it says "Freeware".



HDDEMU is on sale where?

By Randam

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26-02-2019, 22:48

* never mind: i made a stupid question *