Gilbert Escape from Drill conversion

by wolf_ on 05-12-2007, 13:24
Topic: Software

Source: Icongames

Another game has been converted from tape to disk. This time it’s the somewhat unknown game Gilbert Escape from Drill, a game similar to Lazy Jones, where you'll be required to play four arcade games to uncover clues for your missing spaceship parts.

Relevant link: Icongames

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By alexito

Paladin (729)

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22-05-2021, 01:17

Well, This game RUN and PLAY fine from OpenMSX Ver0.16 with SONY F1XDF with 256KB Internal RAM Upgraded but I have the REAL MSX MACHINE with the same setup but the game doesn't work so I decided to fix the problem.

F1XDJ Version with 128KB RAM Required --> LINK

Thanks to Icongames for the conversion and Enjoy!

By Manuel

Ascended (17868)

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22-05-2021, 11:31

What is the issue? Need to know to find out why emulation is different...

By alexito

Paladin (729)

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22-05-2021, 19:56

I don't know but I'm afraid is something related the way how Icongames(Slotman) test the VDP to discovering if you are running on MSX 1 or MSX 2.

Here is the Youtube Video.