g9bview 0.5 and bmp2g9b 0.6

by msd on 24-05-2009, 23:36
Topic: Software
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msd of Teambomba has just released new versions of G9Bview and bmp2g9b. G9B is a Graphics9000 bitmap format and is a part of the G9k library. A new feature in Bmp2g9k is a dither function. New in G9Bview are keys during viewing:

  • escape: exit g9bview
  • left, right, up, down: scroll through the image if it's larger than the visible screen
  • space: next image
  • home: toggle file info popup window

Relevant link: Teambomba

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By Sonic_aka_T

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25-05-2009, 22:46

Great! And now for V9938 file support! Tongue

By msd

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25-05-2009, 23:11

it's not viewMSX t00b Tongue