First ILAC '04 entry: Fudebrowser

by karloch on 25-08-2004, 20:20
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Some days ago, we reported about the ILAC '04 (InterNestor Applications Contest). Ricardo Bittencourt has submitted the first entry for the contest: Fudebrowser, a graphical internet browser. You already can see a fully working version of this browser: the Uzix's FudebrowZer.

However the new version will be running under MSX-DOS (with InterNestor Lite) and will use MSX2 capabilities.

Relevant link: ILAC '04 official website

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By makinavaja

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25-08-2004, 23:06

Cool, really cool Smile, with it, non uzix-introduced people will be able to run easily a web browser under msx-dos OS Smile
Notwithstanding, I'm still waiting for more applicacions to run under uzix, to take more proffit of this powerfull O.S.