FAT16 driver 0.12

by konamiman on 04-05-2006, 16:00
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Okei has released version 0.12 of her FAT16 driver. This version corrects the bug that caused programs such as XDIR and XCOPY to crash with an "invalid attributes" error. This new version can be used as a replacement for the patched version 0.09 which was made by Konamiman to initially circumvent the problem.

Relevant link: FAT16 driver version 0.12

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04-05-2006, 16:53

Great to see, that this driver is maintained so well...

By Manuel

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04-05-2006, 19:35

So, what else is new since 0.09?

By Latok

msx guru (3836)

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04-05-2006, 20:10

version number!

By konamiman

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05-05-2006, 09:38

Two serious bugs were corrected, what else do you want? Smile

By BiFi

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05-05-2006, 13:46

knowing manuel he'd like a mile-long changelog with the changes for each version. Smile

By Sd-Snatcher

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05-05-2006, 23:29


Whith source ^^

By mohai

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20-09-2017, 19:35


I wonder if there is a new version available or, due to Nextor developement, there will be no new versions of FAT16.COM anymore ? Question

By Louthrax

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20-09-2017, 19:40

Hi Mohai,

Why do you want one? Did you notice any problem with FAT16.COM?

By mohai

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22-09-2017, 16:20

I am not sure.
Currently, I am using FAT16 with a Sunrise IDE and a compact flash card.
As DOS user, I did not notice any weird behavior but, I am doing some programming and noticed that DSKIO (DISKROM routine to load sectors), seems to not work at all on a FAT16 partition, but it does on a FAT12. Both cases with FAT16.COM loaded.
I wonder why?

By gdx

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24-09-2017, 08:22

If this is the case, it is the DISK-ROM of Sunrise interface that needs a fix not the DOS.

By mohai

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10-10-2017, 23:47

I am not sure if that is the case.
I mean, I suspect that DSKIO is patched somehow, a hook or something, to handle more than 16 bit sector numbering but, I do not know how to pass the extra bits for the sector number.
I checked FAT16.COM sources, but I cannot figure out how.
Any help?

By mohai

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13-10-2017, 18:55

I am having the same problem with Rookie Drive NX.
Nextor is embeded into it and FAT16 driver is embedded into Nextor.
I guess that 16 bit cluster number and extra sector bits are parsed to DSKIO in a different way that in FAT 12.
I checked both Nextor and FAT16 docs, but I cannot figure out how.

By Louthrax

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13-10-2017, 19:17

I think you'll need 32 bits sector number to access real (512 bytes) sectors on a FAT16 partition, and MSX-BASIC is probably using 16bits values. So that just can't work, at least to access all the drive. Also IIRC, Nextor is just preventing DSKIO access in order to avoid problems.

Anyway, do not expect an easy fix for that. A possible solution would be to use another access method (CALL something or new MSX-BASIC instructions).