Conversions for Altered Beast and TimeScanner

by AuroraMSX on 28-11-2007, 00:55
Topic: Software

source: MRC Forum

MRC user SLotman brought two game conversions to our attention.

Altered Beast is a SEGA game originally released for MSX1 on tape. It is a rather typical platform game, initially ported from ZX Spectrum to MSX1. The Amusement Factory has cleared up a couple of bugs in the original game, and brought it from cassette to disk, thus making the game accessible to loads of MSX fans who would not have been able to play the game otherwise. Installing the game on hard disk or compact flash should also be possible.

Inspired by the work done on Altered Beast, ICON Games took on the arcade classic TimeScanner by Activision. TimeScanner brings four pinball tables to your MSX1. As with Altered Beast, the conversion fixes some bugs in the original and makes the game available on disk, rather than tape.

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01-12-2007, 18:26

why not adding an auto r800 switch in case of TR?

By spl

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04-12-2007, 13:47

There has been another conversion Gilbert Escape From Drill, 2 days ago.