Caverns of Titan (MSXdev'05 game)

by snout on 21-12-2005, 14:43
Topic: Software

José Luis Tur (jltursan), the developer of Viking has released his second entry to the MSXdev'05 competition. Caverns of Titan is an addictive and challenging platform game. The 16kB ROM comes with an English and Spanish manual and a cartridge label.

Relevant link: MSXdev'05 - Status page

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By pitpan

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21-12-2005, 17:35

I really love this game: it is MANIC MINER on steroids! Tongue

Lovely oldskool concept with colourful SD graphics, impressive movement, high quality sound and DIFFICULT! For a platform games lover, as I am, this is heaven.

Congratulations to JLTursan for his entry!

By jltursan

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21-12-2005, 19:14

Thanks Pitpan!, maybe you're ready to try to find the cheats, after all you know the way used to implement such feature. Wink

By Maggoo

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21-12-2005, 19:44

Very cool game, excellent gameplay and great music ! A true classic Smile

By Grauw

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21-12-2005, 19:57


By viejo_archivero

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21-12-2005, 19:57

Good platform one, and a hard one!. Well done, jl! Big smile

By Edwin

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21-12-2005, 21:21

Extremely difficult for a platform game. Having trouble in level 1! But that could be just me Wink

By BiFi

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22-12-2005, 19:50

you're not alone I'm sure... it's a tough one... but still, a very nice Manic Miner clone

By jltursan

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22-12-2005, 21:24

Oh, it's not so hard, believe me!, you only need to get the jump timing...Wink

By MäSäXi

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23-12-2005, 15:43


This is surely the best game in this year´s msxdev!!!!!!!
(in my opinion at least!!!!)

I am really sucker for old and old-style platform games, I can´t help it!! Tongue

Grafx are really cool!! (temperature of the caves may be really cool too, considering the colours usedWink)

Difficulty level is just right!!! It is actually very easy, when compared to many Manic Miner clones!

in game tune is.... well... CooL too!! Smile
title theme sounds too techno-like to me... Evil

Can we have more like this in next msxdev, PLEASE!!!!!!!? Shocked! Eek! LOL!

By Manuel

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27-12-2005, 14:39

By jltursan

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27-12-2005, 16:02

I've corrected the PSG dump routine in PT2 (the same as PT3) player I'm using. Now I'm masking the Mixer register with 10xxxxxxb, this must take care of illegal datas generated by the tracker. I'll prolly release a fixed version today (with a new great sfx playing routine thanks to Wyz! Big smile ).

Btw, how can I test all the joystick ports in OpenMSX?

By Manuel

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27-12-2005, 16:53

Just plug in a joystick Smile

Easiest is to use Catapult: check the "Misc Controls" tab, at the Connectors box.

For pure openMSX, see:

(This is for the current CVS version, if you still use openMSX 0.5.2, check out that section in the manual that came with your openMSX version.)

By jltursan

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27-12-2005, 16:57

I don't have a joystick! Tongue

I've managed to fake an alternative keyboard control (O,P,Q,A) onto both joyports editing settings.xml. The game works fine now! Smile

By Manuel

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27-12-2005, 17:52

Yeah, this has been drastically improved in the upcoming openMSX 0.6.0: two keyjoysticks (fake keyboard driven joysticks), which can be configured from openMSX, without editing an XML file.

By jltursan

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28-12-2005, 23:28

You can download an updated version with a new sound system and the late bug fixed here :