Bombaman update released!

by Jorito on 07-04-2004, 21:23
Topic: Software

After quite a long wait, Team Bomba finally managed to release the updated version of Bombaman. The most important feature of this new version is the inclusion of two extra languages, French and German. Also, quite some bugs were fixed in this version, and some other things were done to improve the game. Check out the Bombaman progress page to see exactly what has been changed. Also Bombed, the Bombaman level editor, got a minor update. You can download everything from the Team Bomba download section or by using the direct links here.

Relevant links: The Bombaman update and the updated editor.

Comments (7)

By BiFi

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07-04-2004, 21:31

Great news Team Bomba, congratz on the update...

By Ivan

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07-04-2004, 21:48

Great! And the update process is really simple! Smile

By turbor

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07-04-2004, 22:14

Now I need to burn my own CD with the latest version, instead of showcasing the flashy Sunrise/Team Bomba CD :-P

By Ivan

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07-04-2004, 22:24

Better left the CD as it is and only update the 2DD disks.
Btw, is the session closed in the CD-R? Wink

By msxgamesbox

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08-04-2004, 09:23

This is cool. BTW, when will we get the manuals?

By anonymous

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09-04-2004, 02:01

By karloch

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09-04-2004, 03:14

I'm still waiting to get the game itself from Hnostar :-/