Bombaman: Pre-ordering possible

by snout on 26-09-2003, 03:55
Topic: Software

Team Bomba have been working for a long time now on their upcoming game Bombaman. Ever since the Team bomba website went online in october 2001 we have been keeping you up to date about this large project. What once started as a simple, small Bomberman-clone has grown to become a huge game with a story, single and multiplayer functionality, boss monsters and stunning music for both Moonsound (highly recommended) and MSX-MUSIC/MSX-AUDIO. Now, the time has finally come to release the game.

Bombaman is scheduled to be released at the MSX fair in Oss, 2004 (January 17th, 2004). As of today it is already possible to pre-order the game on the Team Bomba website or at Sunrise. It will also be possible to pre-order the game tomorrow at the Sunrise stand during the Bussum 2003 MSX fair. The Sunrise version of Bombaman comes in a DVD box containing 2 floppy disks, a CD-ROM and a high quality printed manual. Apart from the Bombaman level editor (Bombed) and all Moonsound tunes from the game in MP3 format, the extra CD also contains a lot of Sunrise software like Blade Lords, Blue Warrior, KPI Ball and The Lost World (normal and Moonsound version). You can obtain this collectors edition for only 14 euro's (excl. postage). You can order this version using the order form at the Sunrise page, or by using the link on Bombaman HQ

Later, the Bombaman game will become available in a second version, an online distribution in the upcoming MSX Resource Center webshop.

Relevant link: Team Bomba

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By Arjan

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28-09-2003, 11:37

hmm I was about to add submit a newstopic about this, until I found this link in the recent headlines panel... Everybody, start preordering now! Smile

By msxgamesbox

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28-09-2003, 14:56

Great news, guess what... I've placed my order ,-)