Bargain 5.51

by snout on 23-02-2008, 15:57
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Today, a new version of Bargain has been released. This new version fixes some minor issues and includes improved disk error handling.

Bargain is a lossless compression tool for MSX images in screen mode 5 upto 12. On the Bargain website, you can find the tool itself, the sources and a comparison of Bargain to other compression techniques and formats, such as LZH, GIF or MAG.

Relevant link: Bargain website

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By Yukio

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24-02-2008, 15:54

I will try this stuff.

MAG is one of my personal favorite formats for viewers, if Bargain could do even better ... I will definitely try this!


Enlighted (6889)

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29-02-2008, 13:08

Sadly this tool is very basic oriented and almost totally in Japanese,
so ASM/C developers have to study its port to their needs.
But without full English documentation, adapting the tool to ASM/C,
(or better adapting just the de-compressor) seems quite a mess.

Moreover almost 90% of developers now (5-6 people) are cross developers.
Without a PC windows compressor, its use is limited to msx only freaks (1-2 people)

By wolf_

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29-02-2008, 17:27

A bit more optimism bro! I won't say there are hordes o' developers banging the door, but if you sum the amount of MSXdev contestants, MRC challenges contestants and generic/noncompetition developers, there're for sure more than 8 of 'em! And that's just the ppl I could mention, who knows who I may forget in for instance Argentina, Brazil, Russia and wherever.