Aster Buster and Xmas SCC added to download database

Aster Buster and Xmas SCC added to download database

by Jorito on 17-12-2012, 20:44
Topic: Software

Recently we received two new downloads from our members, which we added to our downloads database for your enjoyment.

First up is Aster Buster. Aster Buster is a Japanese amateur made MSX-BASIC game which was published on MSX/MSX2 Program Dai-zenshu II(MSX/MSX2 Program collection II) from Dempa. The game was created by Mr. RIBO, who found his Aster Buster listed on the YouTube movie posted by MRC crew member fukenko and left some comments. This prompted fukenko to contact Mr. RIBO and get permissions for distribution on

Aster Buster was made to reproduce the smooth horizontal/vertical scroll of Gradius on MSX2 and he did his best to implement the scroll. "So the game has been rather plain and bit monotonous", according to Mr, RIBO.

Next up is Xmas SCC (short version), a christmas wish brought to you by MRC user supmsx. Xmas SCC is an interpretation of the classic song 'Jingle Bells'. It was made on a PC in stead of on an MSX, but due to the use of SCC sounds it has a good MSX vibe. Happy listening!

If you also have freeware MSX productions or MSX related products you'd like to share with the MSX community, please consider submitting them to our downloads database. There are currently over 1.200 freeware files available in our MSX downloads corner, but more downloads are always welcome!

Relevant links: Aster Buster and Xmas SCC

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By Huey

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17-12-2012, 21:40

Typo in the title -> Aster Burner should be Aster Buster.

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1762)

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17-12-2012, 21:45

Thx, fixed Smile

By mars2000you

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17-12-2012, 21:52

Jorito had just looked at this video Hannibal