2KBOS contest: G-MONKEY

by pitpan on 23-06-2008, 14:15
Topic: Software

Karoshi Corporation has joined 2KBOS mini-game development contest with G-MONKEY, an MSX adaptation of the well known Microsoft's Q-basic Gorillas. In this game, each player has to hit the other monkey with explosive bananas, adjusting angle and speed. The first player to score five points wins.

The source code will be released along with the final version of the game. 2KBOS contest aims to provide a library of small open-source MSX1 games written in Z80 assembly language to be used as an assembly learning tool.

Relevant link: G-Monkey - bloadable BIN format
Relevant link: G-Monkey - 8KB ROM format

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By pitpan

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23-06-2008, 14:35

Just two side notes:

- The game occupies 2048 bytes without using any compression scheme
- It does not work properly with C-BIOS, 'cause apparently the implementation of some BIOS functions differ from the MSX original (MAPXY + GETC). I haven't invested enough time to determine the different functionality though.

Hope you'd like it.

By Vampier

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23-06-2008, 18:46

I think c-bios is overdue for an update Smile Poor monkeys keep on falling Tongue

given a whole new meaning to G-monkey though.

Did you know you can kill yourself with your own banana by throwing it arround the world?

By pitpan

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23-06-2008, 19:11

Yes, you can kill yourself easily! That's life Wink

Anyway, 'cause the source code hasn't been distributed yet, I should point that the sprites are taken from the Konami classic Monkey Academy, in order to give an unmistakable MSX flavour to this Gorillas rendition.

By the way, I've got a doubt regarding the original game: was it coded by IBM or by Microsoft? I've seen both acknownledgements around.

The required fix is that the bananas sometimes forgive groups of bricks. This is due to the fact that the "black lines" are really "transparent lines" LOL! It would be fixed in the final version, although I've got some space problems at the moment Crying

By cesco

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24-06-2008, 07:34

Wait a minute Vampier... You're saying that C-Bios is going to be updated in the next few weeks (or months) ? Face

GREAT NEWS Big smileBig smileBig smile

By Manuel

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25-06-2008, 13:57

cesco: well, patches are welcome! Smile Maybe pitpan can fix it? Smile

By dvik

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25-06-2008, 17:51

Actually M.A.Z.E don't work that well in c-bios either. Mainly because that game requires an MSX like font and the c-bios font is too different.