MSXRio'2009 - September - video

by wolf_ on 28-09-2009, 13:56
Topic: Photo shoots

Last weekend, MSXRio'2009 took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A video of this meeting has been uploaded to YouTube by SLotman. In this video we get to see several VSU demonstrations, such as a mod player, a multilayer platform game, BASIC programming with an animation in the background. The VSU is an upcoming project in development at the other side of the Atlantic and is made out of OPL4, V9958 (MSX2+) and V9990 (Graphics9000) chips. In addition, new projects by Icon Games are demonstrated.

Relevant link: YouTube - MSXRio'2009 - September

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By jujuba

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28-09-2009, 14:22

Toma, gringaiada!!!

By SLotman

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28-09-2009, 16:09

Speaking for myself, that was one of the most kick-ass meetings in a long time!

Not only by what was presented there, but people in general were all motivated, and the time passed so fast that it was all over before we knew it Wink

By cidra

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28-09-2009, 16:39

Then, let's hope and work so the next meetings and events can get better and better.

Congratulations to all of you.

By wolf_

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28-09-2009, 16:49

Btw, from recent videos I've the impression that all these meetings are about the VSU.. Tongue Are there also people playing with MSX1/2/2+/tR systems? You know, ordinary people playing ordinary games, do some drawing, composing, coding etc. Tetris competitions for all I care!

By cidra

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28-09-2009, 18:17

There is the RetroCrap competition, did you forget? Tongue

By SLotman

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28-09-2009, 18:45

@wolf_: Of course there are much more than VSU on those meetings!

On the video I showed just some highlights of the event - but there was plenty of people playing games I made (MSX1, MSX2 MSX2+), Karoshi Games (Duck Hunt with pistol and Sokoban comes to mind) , "regular" MSX games (Theseus, Space Manbow...) and many more!

Even better, there were "circles" of people just talking about development in general, about the scene and so on. It was very, very fun! Cool

By Walter.MSX

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28-09-2009, 20:54

I looked with big pleasure at the video: I shall have liked well participating in this meeting. Tongue
I hope that I can make it one day.

Thank you to have made us share this day ! Big smile

By FiXato

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29-09-2009, 11:50

I would like to see more of the fair Smile

By Edwin

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05-10-2009, 12:41

Looks like plenty of things going on there. But of course the main question about VSU is, is it available and is it affordable?