MSX Jaú 2004 photoshoots

by snout on 17-11-2004, 21:54
Topic: Photo shoots

MSXPro have just published an enormous amount of pictures taken by no less than 12 photographers during the MSX user meeting which was held in Jaú, Brazil last weekend. You can find them all, categorized by photographer, on this website. Some of the highlights of this meeting, as posted by Carlos Eduardo on the Brazilian MSX mailinglist:

  • The release of Dungeons and Dragons by MSXFiles
  • A Brazilian One Chip MSX (!) by Dal Poz running F1 Spirit, Nemesis2 and ore (we hope to report more on this device soon)
  • A TV Tuner with built-in MSX
  • A visitor from Japan: Kuniji Ikeda
  • Sales of the Knightmare CD-ROM, this time a bug-free version was distributed
  • Playing Zorax on a Dance Dance Revolution 'controller'
  • Lots of software, hardware and Brazilian MSX users

Curious? Watch the photoshoots!

Relevant link: MSXJaú 2004 photoshoots

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By wolf_

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18-11-2004, 12:02

are those photos also going to be hosted @ mrc ? I want thumbs Smile