SMR #1: Wind warriors

by snout on 23-12-2005, 01:42
Topic: Music

Only minutes after starting the MRC Scene Music Remake Challenge, Meits surprised us with the first entry: Wind warriors. Originally, this tune was released on Emphasys's Synthe Sector II music disk. In this remake, Meits mainly used Moonblaster Wave with large wavekits, containing samples from his Roland JV-1080, an SR-JV80-13, a Casio piano keyboard and samples obtained with Google. On his PC, Meits used Sound Forge and Vegas.

With the MRC Scene Music Remake Challenge you can win an MSX T-Shirt or a chiptune record composed by the Japanese chiptune artist BeepBoy. Find out all about the competition right here. You can send your finished entries in mp3 format (192kbps preferred) to Please do include a small description on the equipment you used and how you created the remake. The challenge is opened until February 5th, 23:59 CET.

Relevant link: Wind warriors

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By Meits

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23-12-2005, 02:31

This one took quite a while.
I've got zero experience with pc-trackers or midi software... Therefor I used mbwave as tracker. But since it's impossible to load all those instruments on hi quality into the Moonsound, I had to stick to one instrument per wavekit...
Sample from synth into soundforge, keep 44,1 KHz/16Bit/Stereo, shrink to 64kB, devide left and right... ah well, you know that fills ram Big smile
Then I sampled every rearranged channel (using 12 mbwave channels for that) to soundforge and mixed it in vegas...
The choirs and leads were played live (sampled the audio directly instead of using nice midi tools for that cuz of no experience and no midi-cable)...
That live playing was quite a job... getting to learn the notes (there's still papers with tracker-like notes on my keyboard) and then deal with transposes... Evil me just transposed the synth and played the same notes again Big smile

For a next joke I hope to be able to master some pc-tracker and/or have some midi tool/cable'ish stuff, cuz this was a monk's work (werkt dat? dat nederlandse gezegde?)

By DarQ

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23-12-2005, 13:08

good stuff meitselgear! i heard it too much already Big smile

By snout

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23-12-2005, 14:34

fixed name of song and filename Wink

By poke-1,170

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24-12-2005, 05:48

whohoooo !! entry one is in ^_^ great job meits !

By Meits

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24-12-2005, 16:20

little too loud recorded original
Or maybe i should shorten my slotexpandercable a bit :D

By Low_Profile

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27-12-2005, 02:43

nice stuff Smile this urges me to finish my entry rather sooner then later too!

i must admit that i didn't know the original of this song though Sad (sorry MOA) Wink