Ship Theme arrangement by MrRudi

by wolf_ on 10-11-2008, 15:06
Topic: Music

MrRudi from Engine Software (former MSX-Engine) has just released a new arrangement: Ship Theme from Dragonslayer 6 - The Legend of Heroes. The song can be streamed or downloaded from his VGMix website. MrRudi is considering doing more Dragonslayer 6 arrangements in the future. But for the moment, enjoy this one!

Relevant link: VGMix

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By ro

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11-11-2008, 09:28

A great tune, a great arrangement.

I like the drums, they're less "computer"-y. Tho it's still "too stiff" for my taste (to much ON the beat and not so much dynamics, if you know what I mean). The snare sounds great.

The electricguitar part is a bit .. dunno, funny. Too much distortion maybe.

By MrRudi

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13-11-2008, 12:15

Hey Ro, thanx for the comments...and glad I finally found a drum sound to your taste Wink you are right they are less electronic, probably because they are acoustic samples from a library also used by bands such as Metallica and Smashin' Pumpkins. I can agree on the stiffness...good samples still don't make me a drummer, it's one of the "points of attention" in my progress as a musician to get better in making more 'live' sounding drumriffs!