Sample playback on SCC

by Bart on 16-05-2005, 12:03
Topic: Music

Source: VORC

DRM made a PSG/SCC song which playbacks samples over SCC. He manually converted a PCM sample to a MSGDRV instrument. Earlier attempts do to so by using PCMSCC didn't allow for using the sample in a tracker. This technique does. Both the MGS and MP3 are available for download.

Relevant link: DRM's shoutlog

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By ro

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16-05-2005, 13:02

uhm, okay... just listened to the mp3.. but uhrm. eh. what's the fuzz? (didn't fony do some scc sampling earlier in the nineties?)
A tracked sample eh? ok!

By andete

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19-05-2005, 08:49

What is PCMSCC?
What is a MSGDRV?

Surely it must be possible to get better audio quality for sample playback with SCC?

By drm

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19-05-2005, 15:36

My PCM playback method on SCC can playback only 2kHz, 8bit, monoral PCM format.
Moreover, it plays 0.5 sec long on MGSDRV(a music driver) at most...
My method uses 1/60 sec timer interrupt on music driver, and uses 60Hz SCC output.
It can play PCM by changing SCC wavetable every 1/60 sec.
Because SCC wavetable data is 32 byte, 32 * 60 = 1920 Hz PCM data is able to be playbacked.

I'm sorry my strange english...

By snout

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19-05-2005, 16:19

It's GREAT English, drm! Don't be shy Wink Thanks for dropping by here and explaining your efforts a bit...

By andete

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19-05-2005, 19:36

Thanks for the explanation!
Soo theoretically if you do wave table changes not bound to the VDP but manually timed it would be possible to get a higher sample rate I guess.

By drm

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19-05-2005, 23:30

Yes, I hope to synchronize music playing and sample playbacking.
Many MSX music drivers use 1/60 sec interrupt to make accurate tempo, so
this method is able to synchronize these music drivers instead of low sample rate ^-^


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16-05-2013, 07:31

I missed this post
I wanted to try something similar