Retro PC Game musc adds Quarth and Daiva soundtracks

by snout on 27-07-2004, 17:38
Topic: Music

Retro PC Game radio have added the soundtracks of Daiva (PC-Engine version) and Konami's classic Quarth to their massive collection of Video Game Music. The radio station randomly plays songs from this collection, but fortunately you can also request songs to be played. You can tune in to the station here:

Relevant link: Retro PC Game radio

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By snout

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27-07-2004, 17:38

/me waves to Ro Tongue

By ro

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27-07-2004, 18:17

I was just one click away to add some comment like "here we go again.. " but hell with it Tongue

By J-War

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27-07-2004, 22:05

in my case i'd rather have mrc reporting all those soundtrack additions because it's interesting for me (and other ppl) to know since i listen often to this radio Tongue

By ro

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28-07-2004, 08:20

Okay since there are a heavy shit load of forum users I think it's wise to announce every single message posted at the fronpage too since that can be interresting .. . Wink

When listening to the radio station (which in my case is to slow to get full streaming.. I was promised bandwidth at chello but nooooo, it's still slow like always.. been a costumar for 4 years, using (what is now) chello clasic . . .sight.. still max 50Kb p/s when lucky... damn) you hear the tracks on random right? so what's the point KNOWING what's on the playlist?

oh well, just bugging. I don't give a rats ass really (well, I do gheh)