Nicosound, the Japanese audio sharing website

Nicosound, the Japanese audio sharing website

by PAC on 22-09-2013, 21:37
Topic: Music

Probably some of you are already aware of the popular video sharing website Niconico Douga which we could define as the Japanese Youtube. No need to mention that we can find many MSX related videos from Japanese users there being the MSX arrangements from games and anime, the most numerous. Too bad that these, in many cases awesome tunes, are not available to download in MSX format anywhere but we have a partial solution in MP3.

Niwango, the owner, had made available to all of us the Nicosound site as well, where we can download (or listen) the sound of the videos from Niconico site directly. To make it possible we just have to copy and paste the link of the Niconico video to the Nicosound search bar, click on the MP3 button and voilà! Here a few examples from the mstz80ax user:

If you want to watch-search videos at Niconico Douga site, login is a must. This site is available in English as well so, what are you waiting for?

Relevant link: Niconico Douga
Relevant link: Nicosound

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By KdL

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22-09-2013, 23:37

like+1 Smile

By ren

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22-09-2017, 12:31

Note that NicoSound has been terminated since December 2014 already. Do not click the links in this post, they will lead you to some intrusive spam pages.


Guardian (5864)

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22-09-2017, 15:52

Yes. BTW if someone want to watch Niconico videos without registering Nicovideo viewer is a good solution. Just copy the link there and delete from the question mark (included) to the end.