NezPlug: play MSX songs using WinAmp.

by Bart on 14-10-2001, 22:36
Topic: Music

Nez is a plugin for WinAmp which emulates various soundchips among which the SCC, FM PAC and PSG. With this in mind created a website called KSS Kingdom.KSS is the file format which Nez can read and understand. And Niels offers some great tools for download which can convert Moonblaster, SCC-Musixx and MuSiCa files to KSS! As you understand, it is now possible to play any MSX song made in one of these programs on your PC. Niels also has converted a couple of musicdisks to KSS format, a.o. Muzax 1, 2, 3 and The Ant demo.

Check this out at:

Official website: KSS Kingdom
Nez WinAmp plugin: Latest version
Songs for download: MusicDisks