MSXplug 0.21beta release

by Bart on 04-03-2002, 08:52
Topic: Music

Source: PC Sound Antiques

MSXplug is a Winamp/KbMediaPlayer plugin to play KSS, MGS, BGM, OPX and MPK to reproduce the original MSX sounds. The latest version features the following:

  • Play KSS, MGS, BGM, OPX, MPK files
  • YM2149/AY-3-8910 and 1bit D/A emulation
  • YM2413 and Y8950 (except rhythm) emulation
  • Konami S.C.C and 8bit D/A emulation
  • Playback rate from 11to 96KHz
  • Support Moonblaster Stereo
  • Play-time of songs (except KSS) are automatically detected
  • Support extended-playlist compatible with NEZplug

You can find the MSXplug plugin download page here.WMA files can be found at:H connection or Illusion CityKSS files can be found at:KSS Kingdom or Hello! KSS

Relevant link: PC Sound Antigues