MSX ringtones for Android

by boaglio on 25-01-2012, 16:44
Topic: Music

Living in the 80's, it would've been hard to imagine phones being reduced from a tiny version of the analytical engine to a small portable computer that could also be used to make a phone call. But, less than three decades later, this is exactly where we are; a newspost like this could've been authorised with such a phone, while relaxing on the couch. Phones like the Android can be customized just like one can customize a computer. Olimpo Systems provides owners of an Android phone with ringtones from MSX1 and MSX2 games. Who knows, someone sitting in the train next to you may recognise Konami's Pippols and you both leave the train as new MSX friends!

Relevant link: MSX1 and MSX2 game ringtones for Android

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By Sama

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25-01-2012, 22:57

What's the point of ringtones? Can't you just upload any song (MSX or not) to your phone and use it as a ringtone?

By meits

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25-01-2012, 23:21

My android phone won't play mp3s as ringtone... Forgot the format it supports, but I got myself a converter for that... It does the job... No need to let others choose what I wanna hear Wink