MSX Radio update

by Omega on 21-08-2009, 18:05
Topic: Music

Yesterday Omega has relaunced the MSX Radio station. The audio quality has been improved and the playlist has been renewed. More music is available now, including a few songs made by Omega for the Moonsound and some oldskool PSG classics. If you think some essential game songs or scene songs that deserve to be played are missing then don't hesitate to contact Omega, either by email or by using IRC (#msx at undernet).

Relevant link: MSX Radio

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By Latok

msx guru (3823)

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22-08-2009, 12:08

Love those Live365 commercials ^_^

By Omega

Master (230)

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22-08-2009, 16:33

tip: you can download the 'radio365-Desktop' 5-day trial version which plays ad-free Wink

btw. those CIA clandestince service ads are funny :P unfortunately "US citizenship required" :(

By Omega

Master (230)

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23-08-2009, 00:17

oh and, thanks to Donkeyrol, I've also added 19 remakes Big smile

By karloch

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26-08-2009, 10:38

Nice to see the MSX radio back online Smile