MIDI to Wave render program

by anonymous on 31-07-2001, 00:42
Topic: Music

Internet Radio with MSX music is cool. How about your own msx mp3 files or even wav files you can burn to cd? There is only one program you need on your pc with windows. That program is Timidity. It can render midi to wav files with a customized GUS sampleset. Not the default jerky set you got in the old days, but samples from the best music instruments around. Of course in Stereo 44.1khz. The resulting WAV file can then be stored for burning to CD or you can convert it to MP3 later (with your favorite program).

Download some midi songs (try Spacemanbow Battleship, the url is listed in our midi player) Timidity, The GUI of Timidity and the GUS wavesamples and updates) can be found on this url: www.stardate.bc.ca/eawpatches/html/default.htm Make sure you read all the info on this page. It takes some time downloading and installing all the components, but it is sure as hell worth the effort!

The output of Timidity even blows away your Soundblaster Live sample set!
Timidity and the waveset are also available for Linux

Have fun!