Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake arrangements by Meits

Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake arrangements by Meits

by Jorito on 14-10-2012, 15:44
Topic: Music

A few months ago, MRC crew member Meits gave us a music remake of the Metal Gear: Solid Snake intro song. A short while later, he released another Metal Gear remake of Advance immediately.

After these songs were finished, Meits remembered J-War's project from years ago to remake the entire Metal Gear: Solid Snake soundtrack. A project, which at the time seemed to be lost for eternity due to a harddisk crash. This prompted Meits to try and remake the entire soundtrack himself so people could enjoy new and improved versions of the game even if the previous remakes had been lost.

When J-War found a backup CD of his long lost project after years, his remade soundtrack finally was released. Because there now already was a ful soundtrack rearrangement available, Meits stopped working on his version. The extra tracks that Meits made for his project are now available in our downloads database:

Meits' Metal Gear tracks are composed with on the MSX with MBWAVE. After composing, every channel is routed through MBMIDI, a custom tweaked version of MBWAVE that outputs all sounds to a MIDI device. Finally all channels were recorded separately and mixed down in Sony Vegas. All sounds are generated by a Roland JV-1080 with vocal expansion and a Roland XV-5050.

If you have created your own MSX music arrangements or MSX software that can be freely redistributed, share it with the MSX community and submit it our downloads database. Our downloads database features over 1.100 free MSX and MSX related downloads and new contributions are always welcome!

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